As a dōTERRA Blue Diamond and European founder, my mission is to help leaders create passive income streams and unleash their fullest potential




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As an experienced entrepreneur, my commitment and focus are inspired by my quest to contribute to personal freedom. Since 2013, I have been instrumental in guiding countless individuals toward a passive income ranging from four to six figures through my work with dōTERRA  — a prestigious essential oils company.

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dōTERRA is a product-driven company supported by a direct sales model. The majority of customers—approximately 90%—are Wholesale and Retail customers who purchase products for personal use. This creates an exceptionally stable customer  base for those who choose to build a dōTERRA business. As an experienced entrepreneur and dōTERRA business leader for 10 years now, I help builders reach their full potential, creating a stable, residual  income, in a meaningful way.

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